Tick tock Clocks - an inspiration for new businesses

Tick Tock Clocks – An Inspiration for New Businesses

We know that it’s not our domain but we regularly deal with several customers who complain about business problems such as lack of revenue and lack of resources. We recently received an order from a client who is tired of different problems and is now thinking of shutting down his business due to lack of resources. Therefore, we decided to use our platform to spread a strong message for businesses that are facing several problems.

Tick tock Clocks - an inspiration for new businesses

You must keep in mind that problems are everywhere and you cannot move further if you aren’t ready to deal with the problems. We recently read the story of a successful business called Tick Tock Clocks. The owner of this business has also faced a number of problems during his career. And it will be worth sharing the story of this business so that other businesses may use it as an inspiration.


So, if you’re also facing problems with continuing your business processes, this article is definitely for you. Let’s take a look at the problems the Tick Tock Clocks had to face and how they dealt with these problems.


Lack of Finances

Tick tock Clocks - an inspiration for new businesses

The major problem that every new business goes through is that they are unable to manage their finances at different stages due to which they cannot continue their business process. The Tick Tock Clocks went through the same problem at a stage. And they didn’t use the solution that businesses often go for. Instead of borrowing money from a bank or financial institute, they focused on reducing their expenses.


The reduced number of employees and managed the workflow wisely. Of course, they had to face some problem managing the business processes but they didn’t go for the banks’ loans because they knew the consequences of borrowing money. We recommend every new business to follow this strategy if possible. Thus, you won’t have to worry about repaying the loan amount and you’d be able to focus on your tasks properly.


Don’t exceed our limits


The reason why many businesses fail is that they exceed their limits to earn more money and get more clients. There is nothing wrong with getting more clients if you have enough time to complete their orders. But if you already have enough orders in the pending list, you should avoid getting new clients as it may get you into a lot of trouble.